You will fall in love with the immensity of the Terracampina plain, dotted with dovecotes, the contrast of colors, the clear skies, its viewpoints, the sea of ears of corn in their fields, the bustards and the trills of birds, its people, its culture and traditions and of course its gastronomy (roast lamb, pigeons, legumes, cheese, etc.). All this will make your stay in our hotel an unforgettable experience.
In Villalón de Campos you can't miss the square, its streets, the justice roll and the church of San Miguel. Enjoy the Canal de Castilla and its locks, the Lagunas de la Nava, the fortresses and castles (Ampudia, Grajal de Campos, Torremormojón, Montealegre), the viewpoint of Villanueva de la Condesa, the typical constructions of houses with straw and mud (adobe), walk along the greenway of the old Burra Train, as well as Boadilla de Rioseco with its exhibition through its streets "Art against oblivion".


  • Ethnographic Museum Aperos de la Labranza (Villalón de Campos)
  • Cheese Museum (Villalón de Campos)
  • Vibot Footwear Museum (Villalón de Campos)
  • Grandfather's Dovecote (Villalón de Campos)
  • Flour Factory (Medina de Rioseco)
  • Bread Museum (Mayorga de Campos)
  • Museum of Stories and Science (Paredes de Nava)
  • San Pedro Cultural (Becerril de Campos)
  • Ponce de León Museum (Santervás de Campos)